Hospital and Corporate clients

Past Patients

  1. It was an honor and privilege to serve you, but I am no longer your official Ob/Gyn physician.
  2. Your records belong to the practice or hospital group that I was employed under. 
  3. I do not have access to your medical records.

More Information for Past Patients

If you wish to continue a relationship, I can offer:

- my voice for free on my podcasts

- my classes and courses

- my time in consultations online, which is useful for you if ... 

  • you are looking for further education on a particular medical issue in women’s health.
  • you have had a medical experience you don’t understand, and are looking for clarity, closure, or next steps.
  • you have had a traumatic obstetrical experience and are looking for assistance in re-writing the story of that pregnancy in an effort to heal, particularly if you are about to embark on another delivery experience and are having a difficult time.
  • you are looking for what the standard of care is with a particular women’s health issue in order to compare it to the plan of care you have decided upon with your health practitioner.
  • you are looking for a medical professional with over 20 years of experience practicing women’s health, and 30 years of experience counseling women about women’s health issues, to confirm your concerns with, in order to move onto next steps in seeking appropriate medical care. 
  • you are looking for a guide  to help answer questions about your birth plan according to what I have seen in dozens of hospitals across the USA, keeping your safety in mind. 
  • you are looking for the best way to communicate with your health practitioner about a particularly delicate subject that you are having difficulty putting into words.

Locum Tenens Representatives 

I work with Weatherby Locum Tenens, and my contact is Kristine Hlvecka. Her phone number is: (954) 837-2359.

I am currently only accepting consultation contracts that I am able to perform from home, due to elder care obligations. 

Prior Hospital Clients, Insurance Companies, Employers

If you need to contact me concerning prior work, please submit fill out a form by clicking the button below.